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Digital Structures logo rendered as a post-tensioned lightbox, designed by Mitchell Gu. Photo by Alexandros Charidis.




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Interested in joining Digital Structures or contributing to our work? We are a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team seeking members who are open-minded, forward-looking, technically excellent, and excited about our research mission. In particular, architects oriented toward technology and engineers oriented toward creative design are good fits for our group, along with those who have dual backgrounds in architecture and engineering.

MIT undergraduates

We involve undergraduate students at MIT through the UROP program for fall, spring, and summer terms. We sometimes post specific positions on the Current Openings page, but we also take students for projects that are not posted. If you'd like to work with us but don't see a specific open position, look through our current projects and to Professor Mueller with a brief statement about your background and which projects you're especially interested in.

graduate students

Potential graduate students interested in joining the group should apply to one of several degree programs at MIT. Within Architecture, students can apply to the SMBT, SMArchS, or PhD degrees in the Building Technology Program, depending on their backgrounds and interests. Within Civil and Environmental Engineering, most students should apply to the MEng program. Our group also involves students in the Computation for Design and Optimization program. If you are thinking about applying, it is highly recommended that you Professor Mueller to discuss which program(s) would be the best fit for you.


Outside of MIT undergraduate and graduate students, we also involve a very limited number of visiting researchers, who are generally graduate students at other universities funded through external programs. If you are interested in visiting, Professor Mueller with details about your background, the program you would visit through, and why you are interested in joining the group.


We are always interested in potential collaborations with other research groups, especially those with thematic overlap and complementary expertise. Please if we'd be a good fit for one of your projects or if you'd like to contribute to one of ours.


Digital Structures can be reached via email through Professor Mueller at . Administrative inquiries can also be directed to Kathleen Ross, Assistant to the Building Technology Program, at .

Directions within the MIT Campus

From Lobby 7, inside the main MIT entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, take the rear left elevator to the 4th floor. Make two right turns (in other words, walk 135 degrees clockwise around the dome), and turn left. Walk toward the green wall with the "Building Technology Program" sign and make another left. The door to 5-418 is on the left.

Mailing Address

Digital Structures
77 Massachusetts Avenue
MIT Room 5-418, Attn: Caitlin Mueller
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

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