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In-progress photo of our SLAM (stress line additive manufacturing) technique, a new method for 3D printing that deposits material along trajectories of principal stress for high structural performance.



The Digital Structures research group aims to contribute new knowledge to empower the design and fabrication of innovative, creative, and performative architectural structures. Our research activities are based in three interconnected areas—collaboration, computation, and fabrication—which are united by a common focus on the synthesis of design and technology. Our work in collaboration critically examines historical and contemporary examples of partnerships between architects and engineers, and seeks to extract new lessons for design collaborations going forward. Our work in computation develops new data-centric techniques and tools for holistically integrating architectural priorities and engineering principals in early-stage design exploration, with a balance between freedom, performance, diversity, and surprise. Our work in fabrication considers the bi-directional relationship between geometrical complexity and structural performance through the lens of new digital techniques for making. We are convinced that each of these three areas offers fertile ground for improving quality, sustainability, and delight in the built environment.



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